MARUF on the GO

MARUF21, which is in the search for radical solutions to today's urban problems, will host “MARUF on the GO“ events in August and September. These events, which include a series of dynamic learning and interaction processes that last two months, will not only spread MARUF21 across time and space, but also produce important topics and results for the discussion platform that the forum provides. MARUF on the GO is open to participants from all disciplines related to the city and includes events such as workshops, training sessions, webcasts, podcasts, etc.

Mapping the Marmara Region: A preliminary biopsy

Workshop | August 16 - September 10

'Local Administrations and Migration' Certificate Program

Training | September 6-10

20th Century Heritage @Risk

Workshop | September 9-16

Accessibility in Disaster and Emergency Management

Workshop | September 25

Marmarathon: City for the Wild

Ideathon | September 28-29

Youth of Marmara

Workshop | September 1-30

The RESLOG Legacy: Local Governance in Migrant Receiving Cities


Play Marmara "Sea"

Serious Game