Jana Belcheva Andreevska

Member of the Municipal Council, Municipal Council, Municipality Centar, Skopje

She graduated at University in Skopje, where she obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication. She works in the Data analytics, digital transformations of the institutions and organizations, digital spatial analytics, innovations and digital strategies. Her experiences in processes of financial and municipal data analytics, evidence based policy making, digital inclusions at local governments, transparency by open data and digital participatory measures are strongly positioning her in the municipality.

Her experiences as a consultant for the World Bank and UNDP are valuable for the position as her main activities were in analysis, designing and creating municipal development index, implementation plans for digital transformations and data integration and analysis for improved decision-making processes. That experience guarantees in-depth understanding of international cooperation mechanisms.

Jana has initiated completely new processes in the Council and the municipal governance with emphasizes on democracy, transparency, accountability, rule of law, implementation of laws and regulations. Also, introduced evidence-based decision making processes and acceptance of standards already established in EU democracies and promoted values and standards to the Council, by advocating gender and religious equalities, inclusive community, fighting stereotypes and human rights for vulnerable groups and people with disabilities.