Z. Bilgi Buluş

Deputy General Manager, Nature Conservation Centre

Z. Bilgi Buluş started her career in DHKD, a nation-wide NGO in Turkey for nature conservation in 1996 and continued in the United Nations as the National Coordinator of the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Facility (GEF SGP) between 2000-2008. During this time, she endeavored to link environmental movement with other social areas. She provided individual consultancy to the Civil Society Development Centre (STGM) and to other civil organisations and social initiatives. She has been working for DKM since January 2021 as Deputy General Manager. Bilgi Buluş has a B.SC degree on business administration from Hacettepe University and a M.Sc. on agri-food economics from L’Institut Agronomique Meditérraneen de Montpellier (L'IAMM - France).