Ülgür Gökhan

Mayor, Çanakkale Municipality

Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür GÖKHAN was born in Çanakkale in 1950 as a member of a well-established and social democratic family. With the education he received, he grew up in strict accordance with Atatürk's Principles, the Republic and democracy since his childhood. He started his education life in Çanakkale and continued at Galatasaray High School. The progressive democratic line at Galatasaray High School, which coincides with the values he has, and his university education that started in Ankara University, Mülkiye in 1975 had important effects on his political and administrative life.

Ülgür GÖKHAN, who participated in the local government process by being elected as a quota Municipal Council Member from the SHP (Social Democratic Populist Party) in the 1989 local elections and gained great experience in this regard, assumed the position of the Founding Provincial Chairman of the CHP after the reopening of CHP in 1992. With the knowledge and experience he gained in politics and local government, he was re-elected as a Municipal Council Member from the CHP in the 1999 local elections and in 2002, he was elected, by the votes of the council members, to the post of mayor, which was vacated by the resignation of the Mayor of the time for parliamentary seat. In 2009 local elections, he became the representative of the city again.