Tuna Taşan-Kok

Prof., Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. Tuna Taşan-Kok holds the position of Chair of Urban Planning and Governance at the University of Amsterdam. She is founder and chair of UGoveRN (Urban Governance Research Network), and holds an honorary professorship at UCL Bartlett School of Planning. She has wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the fields of urban social geography and urban planning and has worked for several high-ranking international organisations with connections to extensive international research networks, with whom she actively collaborates. She is interested in analysing urban transformation and governance from different angles of social geography and spatial planning.

Taşan-Kok has holds leadership positions in many research projects. Currently, she co-coordinates WHIG (What is Governed in Cities? Governance and Regulation of Housing Investment Landscapes and Housing Production) project, which is funded by ORA (Open Research Area) together with Prof. Mike Raco (UCL) and Prof. Patrick Le Gales (Science PO).

Taşan-Kok is editor of European Urban and Regional Studies; Journal of Planning Literature; Cities and the European Journal of Spatial Development, and is a trustee of foundation pf International Urban and Regional Research (IJURR).

Taşan-Kok's publications, research and other academic activities can be followed at www.tunatasenkok.eu and https://www.uva.nl/profiel/t/a/m.t.tasankok/m.t.tasan-kok.html