Tuğba Ölmez Hancı

Prof., Head of Strategy Development Department, İSKİ

She completed her undergraduate education in 1997 and earned a master’s degree at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Environmental Engineering in 1999. During her doctoral studies, she was a researcher at Hannover Leibniz University between 2003 and 2005 and received her doctoral degree in 2006. She was elected to the position of associate professor in June 2010 and was appointed as a professor at Istanbul Technical University Department of Environmental Engineering in 2019. She conducts studies on advanced oxidation processes and removal of endocrine disrupting carcinogenic materials through technologies using nanoparticles in the field of Environmental Engineering. With these studies, she has brought scientific innovations to the removal and control of micropollutants, evaluation of their ecotoxicological effects and development of new treatment technologies and made significant contributions to engineering applications. She has a large number of international and national academic articles and papers, chapters in published national and international books and an international book related to her research interests. She received FABED (Feyzi Akkaya Research Foundation for Scientific Activities) Eser Tümen Outstanding Achievement Award for Young Scientists in 2011, BAGEP (Science Academy’s Young Scientist Awards Program) Young Scientist Award in 2016 and TUBİTAK (Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey) Young Scientist Award in 2017. She served as a member of various commissions in the fields of administration and education and as the deputy head of the department at Istanbul Technical University. In June 2020, she was appointed as Head of Department of Strategy Development to General Directorate of İSKİ.