Tathabrata Bhattacharya

Consultant & Project Manager, Odisha Bridge & Construction Corporation Ltd.

Tathabrata Bhattacharya is an urban planner experienced in planning at different stakeholder levels. Hehas keen interest in urban poverty and city planning, eviction, migration and acculturation through city planning, urban land legislations, coproduction, incremental planning and participatory planning in general. In the past he has worked in housing, planning for non-motorized transport and land titling in slums. Presently, he is involved in heritage development projects across Odisha in planning, design and procurement. Apart from his professional engagements, he has attended various international conferences and presented papers. He has been awarded the 'Best Young Professional' during the ISOCARP summit in 2019 at Jakarta.

Tathabrata Bhattacharya has a bachelors degree from the School of Planning & Architecture(SPA), New Delhi and a M.Sc. from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.