Şule Serter

Vice Chair, Active Living Association

Şule Serter was born in 1987 in Istanbul. She graduated from Trakya University Environmental Engineering Department in 2008. Serter, gained experience in different professions in her business life and started to work as a part-time supervisor at the Aktif Yaşam Derneği (Active Living Association) in 2012. Serter has been the vice chair of the Active Living Association since 2018 and works to encourage individuals to include regular physical activity and movement in their daily lives. Specializing in movement, exercise, cycling, walking and walkability in daily life, the relationship between active life and climate crisis, and sustainable and active transportation methods, Serter has also been working in the field of play, which is the most natural way for children to move, since 2015, and has been advocating for the right to play.