Işık Süngü

Project Coordinator, Arup

Işık Süngü is Senior Architect and Project Coordinator. During her professional career as a technical professional for twenty four years, she had the chance to work in several projects related to city planning and architectural design of office buildings, hotels, airport terminals, shopping centers, concert and meeting halls, residential housing in several scales. In addition to these, she worked in the fields of architectural conservation, urban conservation and development planning. In these projects her responsibilities mostly include leading the project and being responsible for the control and coordination of detailed design for all disciplines, to deal effectively with design issues and resolve any technical issues effectively, as well as producing, agreeing and managing realistic design programs. Besides to her design manager role, she also has got great experience in the preparation of concept, detailed design and construction projects. Working closely with Municipalities for the last two years, Işık has been involved in the coordination and management of projects in the field of city planning and transportation improving herself in this field.