Serin Geambazu

Assist. Prof., Urban and Landscape Design, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning

An urban planner, an expert in strategic planning and megaproject governance, teaching at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest at the Urban and Landscape Design Department for seven years. With an experience of almost ten years, she practices urban planning and took part in projects of infrastructure, housing, and retail, execution of detail plans, zonal development plans, masterplans and also strategic general development plans in the private and public sector, but also consultancy projects in Berlin, Istanbul, and Bucharest. She was recently engaged in EU-funded projects in Danube Region as a project manager at Urbasofia. Serin Geambazu was educated at TU Berlin University, Urban Management, Habitat Unit and received her Ph.D. from Ion Mincu University with a co-supervision from prof. Gulden Erkut from Istanbul Technical University for her research on governance and planning process in megaprojects. She is an ISOCARP Congress team member for 2 editions, co-rapporteur for Track 3 Planning for connectivity 56th edition, Track 2 Well-being and urban health 57th edition, this year.