Seher Alacacı Arıner

Assistant Representative (Programme), UNDP Turkey

Seher Alacacı Arıner has been serving as Assistant Resident Representative responsible for the UNDP Program in Turkey since 2017. She has been engaged in UN system since 2005 in different capacities. Throughout her career in UN, she had managed a series of Programmes that respond directly to socio-economic and political reforms in Turkey in line with EU accession requirement. The main focus of her work had addressed targeted interventions to support national human rights mechanisms and transparent, accountable and efficient judicial systems for better access to justice. She has also been leading the work of UNDP in terms of integrating SDGs in several areas of development, including policy integration; innovation, data analysis and financing. As development practitioner, who started her career in working at the field in South East Anatolia development projects, Seher Alacacı Arıner has more than 15 years of experience in development work in a variety of capacities, mainly in management, partnership building, financing and resource mobilization, but also including programme and policy design, project implementation, advocacy and research. She has also strongly engaged with international community representatives and national partners in governments as well as loosely defined networks of non-governmental organizations. She is also an active contributor of the integrated work of UN on human rights, resilience and SDGs. She was graduated from Bilkent University Department of Political Science and Public Administration and has an MA degree on European Integration, focusing on judicial and political ethics.