Metehan Gültaşlı

Senior Expert, LAR III Project, UNDP Turkey

Metehan Gultasli is a freelance consultant/urban planner, having 20 years of experience working for central/local level public institutions, international organizations and international development consultancy companies. His expertise covers a wide array of economic and social development topics, including strategic planning, good governance, public engagement and participatory decision-making, public-CSO cooperation, gender equality and gender-responsive budgeting (GRB), institutional capacity assessment, development of migration policies and resilience planning, community-based sustainable tourism and urban regeneration, urban planning and development of accessibility policies and programs targeting persons with restricted mobility.

In his career, he played a pivotal role in the advancement of good governance and participatory public administration in Turkey through capacity building projects and knowledge generation activities. He channelled his skills and know-how in good governance into the field of gender equality and he became the key national gender-responsive budgeting consultant for UN Women where he supported many local and central level public authorities, including the National Parliament of Turkey through trainings, mentorship, workshops and publications. In the wake of the crisis in Syria, he put his skills and knowledge in the area of good governance and strategic planning to the use of municipalities to improve their resilience capacities via better planning. This innovative approach transferring resilience planning from environmental domain into migration management resulted in a unique methodology called “resilience assessment and planning”.