Marcus Grant

Editor-in-Chief, Cities & Health

Marcus is the past deputy director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities, Bristol. With a background in ecological systems and urbanism, Marcus is an urban designer and Chartered Landscape Architect. Starting practice in 1986, he worked in consultancy on rural and urban projects for a broad range of clients, specialising in sustainable development and population health before joining a WHO Collaborating Centre in 1996. He has worked with built environment professionals in many counties specialising in the role of city-region spatial frameworks, neighbourhood interventions and biodiversity to support healthier lives, reduce health inequalities and support planetary health. He is lead author of Integrating Health into Urban and Territorial Planning: A Sourcebook , published by WHO and UN-Habitat in 2020. Marcus is co-author of Shaping Neighbourhoods, a desktop guide for local health and global sustainability and a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health in the UK. He founded the international journal Cities & Health in 2016 and is Editor-in-Chief.