Levent Atalı

Assoc. Prof., Sports Management, Kocaeli University

He is a faculty member at Kocaeli University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Sport Management. Atalı has articles and sports books on the field of sports. In particular, his fields of study are on the city and sports, local governments and sports, federations and sports clubs. He previously held various positions in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for more than ten years. He worked as a consultant in Kocaeli Kartepe Municipality for a while. He worked as a consultant in the preparation of the Sports Services Guide for Municipalities under the auspices of the Presidency Local Policies Board. He worked as a manager in Kocaeli Kağıtspor Club for about 10 years and managed the Basketball Federation Women's Super League and Volleyball Women's 2 leagues. He has also served as a board member of the Ice Skating and Ice Hockey Federations.