İpek Sabah Aynal

After graduating from Adana Seyhan Rotary Anatolian High School, I chose İzmir Institute of Technology to study in the Department of City and Regional Planning in line with my interest in urban issues and public interest issues. During my undergraduate education, I had a pleasant 6-year life where I experienced the academic, professional and beautiful opportunities of Izmir. I preferred Istanbul Technical University, Regional Planning Department to get my master's degree. I stepped into professional business life and had the opportunity to work in various fields where I experienced the multi-disciplinary structure of planning education.

In my business life process that started in planning offices; I gained work experience in which I experienced different sectors such as real estate investment consultancy, urban transformation project expertise, public projects management consultancy and research assistant in scientific research projects. Within the scope of creativity, which I prefer to specialize in my master's education at Istanbul Technical University; I am working on creative industries and creative cities. I worked at Istanbul Design Bureau as a project manager on behalf of Istanbul, which received the title of Design City within the scope of UNESCO Creative Cities Network Program.

I started my duty in Adana Metropolitan Municipality as the Advisor to the President in order to apply the experiences I gained during all these processes in Adana. I continue to contribute to my duty as responsible for the projects of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, with the Urbanism Atailer that I established within the municipality.