Hossein Kashiri

Dr., Advisor to the Mayor, Youth Consultancy Pardis

Hossein Kashiri holds a Ph.D. degree in Public Diplomacy from the Islamic Azad university of Tehran, Iran. He cooperated in different national and international projects. Currently, he is the national head of DEVCO Co-funded project “Promoting Responsible Tourism for Heritage Protection and Sustainable Development” in Iran that aims to improve the capacity of local development actors to promote and manage responsible tourism as a resource for protecting cultural heritage and sustainable development. He has remarkable experience as an expert in international affairs. He is a member of ICYF BOARD (Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum) in Istanbul, Turkey; TIES Chapter Head of Iran; and the advisor of Mashhad Mayor in international affairs.

He is the CEO of Marefat Pardis Toos, a non-governmental, non-political organization which is activated in the field of Tourism, Local Development and Cultural Heritage since its establishment in 2005. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience in international relation and tourism management at universities. He has gained various awards and certificates, for instance the certificate of the best expert in Iran public relations; human resources management of metropolis international organization, etc.

He has membership experiences of the general assembly of Mashhad training center (metropolis), scientific committee of innovation and creativity of active cities in Johannesburg, South Africa; compilation five member committee of Asian mayors statue; policy council of world metropolis youth committee in Barcelona; etc.