Gönen Orhan

Consultant, Şişli Municipality

He is a graduate of Ankara University Politics and Administration-Public Administration. Since 1987, he has been carrying out communication and public relations projects both in the public sector, especially in local administrations, and in the private sector.

Starting from the 1989 local elections, he conducted election campaigns for municipalities.

After the 1999 Antalya Metropolitan Municipality election campaign, he worked as a consultant to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality between 2003-2004. He conducted the election campaign of Muratpaşa Municipality in Antalya in the 2014 local elections. He worked in the creation of a 360-degree communication project 'Open Door' and 'Environmental Neighbor Card', which aims at the on-site recycling of packaging waste. After Muratpaşa Municipality, the 'Open Door' project was implemented in Kuşadası, Efeler, Şişli, Kartal, Çerkezköy and Bornova Municipalities. He managed the election campaigns of CHP (The Republican People's Party) Antalya-Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal and CHP Istanbul-Şişli mayoral candidate Muammer Keskin in the 2019 local elections.

He also works in regional and city promotion, cultural heritage and urban memory projects. His books "Dokun" (Touch) and "Mahalleden Kent Parlamentosuna" (From the Neighborhood to the City Parliament) on communication and public relations in local governments and his columns are available at www.gonenorhan.com. He is currently working on direct democracy and participatory budgeting and continues to serve as Şişli Municipality Communications Consultant.