Floridea Di Ciommo

Dr., Co-Director, cambiaMO

PhD in transport and urban planning at ParisTech, and MSc. in Economics at Bocconi University, Milan, Floridea is co-director of cambiaMO. She has an extensive academic experience on travel behaviour modeling and transport assessment within various research and international institutions and authorities (i.e. OECD, UN, Transport Research Board).

She has accumulated experience specifically under the fields of: 1) Equity in Transport: gender, health and inclusion with the Communities learning by Practices within the Urban Innovation Action MaresMadrid and through both Summer schools on equity and transport for graduated students within Transport Equity Analysis Cost Action; 2) on Inclusive technology within Wise-Act Cost Action and INDIMO for extending the use of digital mobility and autonomous services to vulnerable target-groups, and 3) intermodality and public space with the workshops of co-design of the Public transport KPIs in Uruguay for the United Nation Development Program and the Cultural mediation and mentoring in Madrid Listens 2019 | Moving in the city. Concretely, Floridea is working on projects that foster for a sustainable and inclusive mobility for everyone specially for target-groups as children, elderly and low-income. Next 31 October-13 November 2021, she will lead the cambiaMO observer delegation for the Conference of Parties 26 within the United Nation Framework Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.