Feyzi Baban

Prof., Political Studies and International Development, Trent University

Feyzi Baban is a professor of Political Studies and International Development at Trent University. His research interests include international relations theory, critical theory, cosmopolitanism, citizenship studies, Turkish Politics and Turkey-EU relations. His recent publications include: “The Precarious Lives of Syrians: Migration, Citizenship and Temporary Protection in Turkey” with Kim Rygiel and Suzan Ilcan (Mc-Gill-Queen University Press); Fostering Pluralism Through Solidarity Activism in Europe: Everyday Encounters with Newcomers. With Kim Rygiel, (London: Palgrave-MacMillan). "Cosmopolitanism from the Margins: Redefining the Idea of Europe through Postcoloniality" in Postcolonial Transitions in Europe. ed. by Sandra Ponzanesi and Gianmaria Colpani (2016); "Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Pathways to Precarity, Differential Inclusion and Negotiated Citizenship Rights", Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, with Kim Rygiel and Suzan Ilcan, published online 8.06.2016. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1369183X.2016.1192996; “Secular Spaces and Religious Representations: reading the Headscarf Debate in Turkey as Citizenship Politics”, Citizenship Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2013.865900 Published January 10, 2014, “Snapshots from the Margins: Transgressive Cosmopolitanisms in Europe” with Kim Rygiel European Journal of Social Theory, 1-18, 2014, “Cosmopolitan Europe: Border Crossings and Transnationalism in Europe” Global Society, February 2013; “Cosmopolitanism Reinvented: Neoliberal Globalization And Thomas Friedman”, Age of Icons: The Cultural Political Economy of Neoliberal Capitalism, ed. by Gavin Fridell and Martijn Konings (, University of Toronto Press); “Modernity and Its Contradictions”, ISA Compendium: International Development, ed. By Salvatore Babones, (Blackwell : 2010); “Turkey and the Postnational Europe: Challenges For the Emerging Political Community”, with Fuat Keyman, European Journal of Social Theory, Winter 2008.