Fatih Terzi

Prof., Urban and Regional Planning, Istanbul Technical University

Prof. Dr. Fatih Terzi is a faculty member in the department of urban and regional planning at Istanbul Technical University. The areas of interest focus on sustainable urban development, strategic planning, eco-cities, and smart cities. In his work, GIS and urban modelling are used effectively.

Fatih Terzi visited Clemson University, USA, in 2004; the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis Center, University College London, in 2008; and the Technology and Community Research Center of the Technical University Berlin in 2017 as a guest researcher. TERZİ, has worked on several projects supported by the European Union, COST, TUBITAK, and the Development Agency related to sustainable urban development, ecological planning, risk reduction, and the quality of urban life.

Terzi also has experience in the practice of urban planning and design. He carried out projects and consultancy activities with various municipalities, the Housing Administration Office (TOKI) and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in the fields of strategic planning, environmental planning, land use plans and urban regeneration projects.