Ethem Torunoğlu

He is the son of a Yugoslavian immigrant mother and an Azerbaijani immigrant father who born in 1965 in Anıttepe, Ankara. He entered METU Environmental Engineering Department in 1983 and graduated in 1990.

After his academic period at METU, he completed his master's and doctoral studies at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences (SBF), Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences.

Between 2005-2017, he worked as a visiting lecturer at Eskişehir Anadolu University Environmental Engineering Department.

He has held various positions and worked as a director in Ankara Çankaya Municipality since 1991.

He most recently worked as the Foreign Affairs Director who is responsible for international relations and projects, and as the World Health Organization Çankaya Healthy City Project Office Coordinator and Çankaya Historical Town Project Office Coordinator between 2015-2019 in Çankaya Municipality. In this process, besides the management of various international projects, he carried out studies with the History of the Republic Books and Exhibitions within the scope of "The Centennial of the National Struggle and National Sovereignty".

As of February 2020, he continues to work in Çankaya Municipality as Çankaya Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Director.

He has national and international articles, publications and books, mainly on environmental policies, urban and environmental problems, public health and environmental issues.