Erkan Polat

Prof., Urban and Regional Planning, Süleyman Demirel University

Erkan Polat, who graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning in 1994, completed his master's and doctoral studies at the same university and department. After working as an urban planner in the private sector for five years, he started to serve as a faculty member at Erciyes University since 1999 and at SDU since 2004. He still works at the same university. He has written many books, national and international articles and papers in his field, participated in many meetings as a speaker, and produced more than 150 publications. In addition, he worked as an executive, researcher or consultant in nearly 80 national or international scientific and application projects. He continues his work in academia and private sector with projects in planning theories, urban and regional planning, development, climate change and urban design, strategic planning and consultancy activities. He also serves as the manager of the first and only academic-based planning, design and consultancy company in the field of planning in Turkey. He also has books such as "Urban Geography", "Planning Science and the Science of Spatial Planning", "Strategic Spatial Planning (SSP) Methodology for the Region" and "Strategic Spatial Planning (SSP) Example for the Region: South Marmara".