Daiva Matonienė

Project Team Leader, Central Project Management Agency

Daiva Matonienė has two degrees: a master’s degree in economic sciences (focus on environmental economics, strategic planning, analysis, monitoring instruments), and a bachelor’s degree in management and administration (diploma with honour). Matonienė has 21 years’ experience of sustainable environmental, climate change and public finance management. She was Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania, vice Mayor of Šiauliai municipality of Lithuania, member of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and coordinator of its Environment, Climate Change and Energy Commission. Matonienė was appointed Ambassador of Covenant of Mayors initiative and has experience with Sustainable energy and climate policies development and SECAP implementation. She was key rapporteur of CoR opinions: ‘EU sustainable investment in climate change’, ‘EU Sustainable Heating and Cooling System Strategy’, ‘EU Smart Cities Development’ and others.