Cem Baytok

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, idacapital

Cem Baytok, the founding partner of idacapital, initiated the first Impact Investments in Turkey with an experience of 18 years in Private Equity Investments and Venture Capital Investments, and continues to invest in Early Stage Startups. He is also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of WorqCompany, a fintech startup. He has made investments in informatics, finance, mobility, health, agriculture, and clean technologies in funds when he was a professional investment manager. Within the scope of Investment Banking, he has established brokerage houses and portfolio management companies and has taken part in their management. Before his career in finance, he carried out software and consultancy projects in Systems and Logistics Engineering and established R&D-based initiatives as a technology entrepreneur. Baytok is currently a manager and board member of various portfolio companies and represents idacapital in national and international organizations related to Impact Investing. Baytok completed his undergraduate education in the Department of Business Administration at METU.