Cana Tülüş Türk

Senior Specialist, Istanbul Policy Center, Sabancı University

Cana Tülüş Türk is working as Research and Administrative Affairs Senior Specialist at Istanbul Policy Center, Sabancı University. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Istanbul Bilgi University, and writing her dissertation on “Discussing People’s Normative Conceptions on Democracy: The Case of Turkey.” Her research focuses on political theory, comparative politics, Turkish politics, European integration, populism, and civil society in Turkey. She is a writer of Beğenmeyen Okumasin literature blog and mentor at BUMED. She is a Member of the Executive Board of Turkey Europe Foundation; Turkey Europe Future Forum 2015 Fellow; Member of the Women in Foreign Policy (Turkey), Global Diplomacy Lab, United Europe, and alumni group of the Robert Bosch Foundation. She was first year “EU Communication Volunteer” of the Turkish Ministry of EU Affairs.