Bünyamin Şimşek

Councilor for Technology and Environment, Aarhus Municipality

The Aarhus Councilor for Technology and Environment, Bünyamin Simsek (V), has been a member of Aarhus City Council since 2002. He has been alternate councilor for Children and Young People and for Technology and Environment periodically since 2012 and was again given the position as politically responsible for Technology and Environment at the constitution after the local election in 2017. Bünyamin Simsek was born in Turkey, but grew up in Gellerupparken in western Aarhus. He is educated at Byggeteknisk Højskole. From 1994-2003, he was cabin manager at Sterling Airways. In 2007, he became office manager in Aarhus Municipality, a position he held until he became councilor. Bünyamin Simsek also sits on the board of Aarhus Light Rail and is chairman of the board of the East Jutland Fire Brigade.