Annegret Warth

Dr., Education Manager, City of Stuttgart

Annegret Warth is the general coordinator of a network at the City of Stuttgart, which aims to mainstream Education for Sustainable Development by encouraging intersectoral cooperation between education, civil society and administration. Within the network, stakeholders collaborate to provide local youth from different social backgrounds more access to nature and education formats on climate and sustainability. The network also provides space to develop innovative formats of local youth participation.

Annegret has a strong background in academia, civil society and administration and has a focus on youth in Turkey. By using the case of youth in Turkey in her PhD, she has developed a non-essentialist approach to overcome Eurocentric youth research. As a 2018/19 Mercator-IPC Fellow at Istanbul Policy Center, she has explored potentials of local youth policy and local youth participation in Turkey. Annegret has been active at the intersection of research and practice in youth exchange with a focus on Turkey since more than a decade. She has formerly worked as a research and teaching fellow at Goethe-University in Frankfurt.