Ali Türel

Prof., City and Regional Planning, Çankaya University

Currently works at the Çankaya University, Department of City and Regional Planning in Ankara. Holds bachelor and master degrees in city planning that he got from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

His Ph.D. degree is from the London School of Economics of the University of London. He worked at the Ankara Metropolitan Planning Bureau as a city planner before the Ph.D. study.

After teaching at the Aegean University in Izmir, he joined Department of City and Regional Planning of the Middle East Technical University in 1981. He was the chairperson the the Department between 2003-2006. He joined the Çankaya University in 2017 and also served as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture in 2019 and 2020.

He taught at the Community and Regional Planning Department of the Iowa State University in the USA, and worked as a deputy chairperson of the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) in 1995-1996.

His areas of interest are urban economics, housing economics, finance and policy, real estate investment and development, transportation studies and planning, land development planning and design. His publications and research projects are also on these topics.